Wordy Birds

Hi, we are Jane Martin (right) and Rebeccah Giltrow (left)…

It’s the Wordy Birds

and together we are the Wordy Birds, presenters of a monthly radio show about all things wordy.

Listen live between 5pm and 8pm on the second Monday of each month on


or listen ANYTIME at www.mixcloud.com/TheWordyBirds


The Wordy Birds’ Book Buddies Reading Challenge

As well as our own reviews books, theatre and films, we share reviews from our listeners’ who are taking part in the challenge. The aim is to read books that have been recommended to you and to recommend books to other people in return. We have one regular listener who has subscribed to One Random Book as their book buddy, others are taking suggestions from a range of friends and family.

We are choosing books for each other and, so far, we have been unnervingly kind in our choices. Can that possibly continue for the whole year? It doesn’t seem likely!

It doesn’t matter how you source your recommended books, the point is to read something that wouldn’t necessarily be your first choice and then let us know what you think – every review submitted (up to a max of 11) earns the reviewer an entry into our Book Buddies Grand Draw for a chance to win booktacular prizes in the December show.

You can find out more by joining the Book Buddies Facebook group



Author Interviews

At every opportunity we can be found dragging authors into a quiet corner so that we can interview them. Sadly, we seem to be stalked by the Phantom Cutlery Rattler and yet, despite his best efforts, our interviewees’ pearls of wisdom shine through.


The rest of our interviews can be found on our YouTube channel.



Our very own home-grown comedy micro-soap – think The Archers meets Eastenders via Little Britain and The Vicar of Dibley!

Set in and around the Britain’s most easterly town, Eastpointers has a cast of lovably eccentric characters all played, with varying levels of brilliance, by us and Mr Tony Tibbenham.

There is more Eastpointers info and shenanigans on the Eastpointers Facebook page.

and all the episodes can be found on our YouTube channel.


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