Tony Tibbenham

Tony Tibbenham is an author of novels and short stories in which he likes to explore the darker side of human nature.

One of Tony’s works of flash fiction: 


He stood, the light glinting off the hilt of his knife.   He was sure the knife was his, a part of him, but wasn’t sure why he was there.  The stairwell ahead was dark.  Behind him were light and civilisation.  Why was he going this way?  He shook the dizziness from his mind as he staggered forward.  Ahead was his lover, somewhere above she waited for him.

He climbed, leaning against the wall, pulling himself upwards.  When his legs failed he kept coming, pulling along the landing with his arms.  Ahead, the light from her open door beckoned as he dragged himself forward.  She loved him, she would help.

She finally heard his gurgling, laboured breath.  ”How the hell?” was all she said before she pulled his knife out, savagely, swearing again as this time she plunged it accurately into his heart.

The last he heard was her whispering, “Love you? You must be joking.  I guess this joke is on you.”


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