Social Media for Writers, Yes or No

First published in Writing Magazine November 2020

I am returning to writing after a break of around 15 years. During this time social media has expanded massively and I’m finding it all rather overwhelming. I’m hoping to resume writing some articles for magazines as well as venturing into the world of fiction, both short stories and eventually a novel. As a novice writer, do I need a Twitter account, Facebook profile, Instagram page, YouTube channel etc in order to be taken seriously? If I do create them what should I be using each for? Or should I not worry about these things for now and just get on with the writing? 

Susan Brookes – Morris, Wythall

It’s a good question, Susan, and one to which, I suspect, there is not a definitive answer. I would certainly get on with the writing! For without that, you won’t need social media – apart from the usual looking at kittens and posting photos of one’s breakfast. And I would, anyway, try to make writing the priority as Twitter and the like are massive eaters of time. (I speak as one who is on a screaming deadline to deliver a manuscript yet made her first job of the day the uploading of photos to Facebook of her cat on his third birthday!)

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