Magazines about Writing

I used to subscribe to several magazines about writing. When I was relatively new to the craft, I found their articles very useful, educational and entertaining.Magazines

As time went on, I found myself skipping some of the articles, as they were too similar to ones I’d read previously. More time passed and I skipped more and more of them. Eventually I was finding myself heading straight for the competition winners’ short stories. I was now reading the magazines purely for entertainment and not for improving my own writing.

I cancelled my orders. It seemed that there was a finite number of things to learn, before repetition set in. But it only seemed that way, because…

Recently I read a couple of writing magazines and found they’ve broadened the scope of their articles. Now they encompass more than just the creative part of the writing process, including rewriting, editing, formatting, self-publishing, how to approach literary agents and publishers.

In my view, they’ve raised their game, so I’m thinking about renewing some of my subscriptions.

How about you? Do you read magazines about writing? What do you think of them?