Writer’s Choice Authors

In this article, we meet three authors who are part of a publishing co-operative called Writer’s Choice. They are: G.J Berger, Sharon Robards and p.d.r lindsay.

Find all Writer’s Choice authors at goodreads.com and their books – both print and e-book – at smashwords.com, amazon.com and awesomeindies.net. In fact, anywhere good books are sold.

G.J. Berger — A Historical Novel Writer’s Thought About Readers

Years ago when I had just begun up the trail to my first published novel, I often heard something like this from agent and editor gatekeepers: “Is your work good enough for someone to plunk down twenty bucks? Is it good enough for them to pay good money to buy it for someone else?”

Seemed like a sensible question then. Seemed like a useful litmus test.

begj-buro-t.pngNot any longer. In today’s world it’s the wrong question. There are now so many books to choose from in free e-book downloads, or for 99 cents. A solitary dollar bill allows readers to choose from many best-sellers in hard covers at our local library annual fund raiser.

My first novel came out late last year. It’s about a distant time, in a place not known to many, and about Iberian Celts. Like any writer of things long ago, I had no sense for whether anyone would care, would upload it to an e-reader or pay a few dollars more for the book version.

Held my breath and was pleased to sell a few here and there and more. Then I heard that some early buyers had not yet gotten to it. They smiled when they told me they had indeed paid a few dollars to download it, or a few more for a real book. They must have wondered why I did not smile back when I thanked them. That they had not opened it, had not started reading, removed the magic, broke my connection to them. Quite apparently they had better uses for their time than to give it to me and my writing. And I knew instantly that my real readers would become my dearest friends – though I might never, ever meet them.

Word from actual readers started to trickle in. One reader who got it for Christmas finished it before December ended and made his daughter read it next; another said she stayed up until two in the morning to find out what happens. The greatest compliment of all came from an avid football fan. He wrote that he skipped the NFL Conference Championship games – he needed to get to the end first. Imagine that, turn off the set on that pen-ultimate NFL Sunday to finish my creation about ancient history and Celtic fighting women!

I now know that the real question for any novel or non-fiction book writer is: “Will readers put aside all else and give the writer twenty hours, or more, of their precious time?” Precious are the readers who give us chunks of their time. Precious is the work that’s good enough for readers to do that.

G. J. Berger, author of “South of Burnt Rocks West of The Moon”.


Sharon Robards

rosh-awtr-t.pngI am an Australian author who lives two hundred kilometres north of Sydney, on the beautiful and rugged east coast of Australia, in a place called Port Stephens, a sanctuary for dolphins and a Mecca for tourists who come to see an annual migration of 6,000 whales each year.


p.d.r. lindsay

We did it! Tired of being told by agents that my prize winning stories and novel were wonderful, but I was too old and lived too far away in New Zealand to be acceptable, I moaned on an historical writers’ board, and several writer colleagues spoke up in agreement. They too suffered the same problem with agents, and publishers, and so we decided to form a publishing co-operative, the Writer’s Choice publishing co-operative. Writer’s Choice works like a traditional publisher in that we select or reject the work each member presents, help them with the editing and proof reading, and provide mutual support by doing PR for all our books from our Writer’s Choice website. It’s worked.


We are an international gang from America, Australia and New Zealand and do PR for all of us in our home countries. Whenever one author has a book launch all Writer’s Choice selected books are on sale and talked about. So far we have published two anthologies of short stories and two novels. Two more novels will be ready for publishing at the end of the year. Our intention to publish quality fiction, and to give it our Quality Fiction seal of approval. That seal is proving popular amongst e-book readers and our sales are steadily growing.

My novel, Jacob’s Ladder, is launched on April 12th in our local library. I’m looking forward to lots of friends in support and a few sales.

The novel is set in 1642 when England is in an economic and political melt down, as difficult a situation as today’s similar economic and political mess. The King won’t bend, Parliament won’t break, it’s an explosive deadlock. During those few chaotic months before King Charles declared war on his subjects there was, for those who dared to take it, the opportunity to get away with murder, in return for impressive rewards of power and influence, or wealth.