Victoria Connelly

Victoria was our guest back in 2010…


I’ve always been a writer and I attempted my first novel when I was fourteen – typing out the pages on a manual typewriter with a few bottles of Tipex to hand. But it wasn’t until many years later and many, many rejections later that I finally found publication.

Rather unusually, I was published in Germany before my home country and that first novel was made into a film which was the most amazing experience. I even got to be an extra in it!


Three novels later and I’m now writing a trilogy about Jane Austen addicts. The first, A Weekend with Mr Darcy, is about two couples who meet and fall in love at a Jane Austen conference.

I came up with the idea to write a trilogy based in three different Austen settings last summer and I got very excited. And that excitement grew when I was offered a three-book deal in the US before I was even half-way through writing the first novel. I then got a new agent and we secured a UK deal within a month. Having taken five years to sell my first novel, this all seemed incredibly fast!

So my top tip for any wannabe writer out there is never to give up! Keep writing and keep submitting your work but make sure you’re doing it because you absolutely love it. That’s what keeps you going when those rejections start flooding in. You’re writing because you love telling a story more than anything else in the world.

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