Patricia Maw

Patricia was our guest back in 2013…

mapa-t.jpgJane and I first met on a Writers’ Holiday in Caerleon more years ago than I (and probably she) care to remember and have been good friends ever since. So when she offered me the chance to promote a new site for writers, I was delighted.

As I’m sure most writers will be aware, today, Monday 12th November is the start of National Short Story Week.

With the market for short stories shrinking, Rosemary Kind set up a site in May where writers can sell their work. It’s called Alfie Dog Fiction. There are now over 600 short stories by more than 180 authors and there are plans for a worldwide campaign in the new year.

Mary Colwell, Sony Radio Academy Gold Award Winner says: “It’s a great web site. Alfie Dog brings together a variety of stories so that everyone can find something to amuse/inspire/intrigue them.”

I came across the site in July and have 7 stories on it at the moment. At 39 pence, they are cheap to download and Rosemary is always looking for new writers. I write mostly crime stories and Accidental Death, which I couldn’t sell here, has sold to Australia, Norway and Sweden. But On The Rocks, which is one of my favourites, was snapped up over ten years ago.

So, to any writer who has stories not earning them any money at the moment, have a look at Alfie Dog.