Lucie Parish

Lucie was our guest back in 2012…

Looking for Buttons

I’d always wanted to write a book. I started young, crayoning my own Mr Men stories. That phase passed (I moved on to felt tip pens), but the urge to make up stories didn’t. So, taking heed of the maxim that you should write something you’d want to read, I started a thriller. It choked to death on its own sub-plots quite early on and I thought I’d better stick to the day job.

But the ideas for stories kept coming and one day I wrote about a thirty-something party guest suddenly finding herself face to face with her unrequited teenage crush. It was only a few hundred words but now and again I’d reread the pages and wonder about the woman and her beloved. After a while I had some idea who they were and why they were at the party and I started to write. Several thousand words later, it occurred to me that I might actually get a book out of it and that became the goal. When I did get a book out of it, I was slightly startled to find it was a romantic comedy with no explosions or car chases and certainly no fatal sub-plots.

That was when I started trying to get an agent. The third one I tried was enthusiastic and asked to read the whole manuscript. I sent it off by return of post… and never heard from him again. After a year, I decided to try more agents. Responses ranged from disdainful silence to the cherished “it’s not for us but it’s well-written and perceptive”. That encouraged me to persevere. The decision to self-publish was driven by the terribly mundane reason that I was out of work in a recession and needed some sort of income, however small. Looking for Buttons, a comedy for the romantically hopeless, was published as an Amazon Kindle e-book in June 2012. It’s deeply satisfying when someone tells me they’ve enjoyed it. I’m supposed to be working on another romantic comedy now but I’ve got this great idea for a thriller…


Looking for Buttons — A comedy for the romantically hopeless

Burnt-out archaeologist Kate Harper finds herself house-sitting for her AWOL grandmother (last seen tangoing in Buenos Aires) and working as a cleaner for the man her mother seems to be lining up as her future step-father.

When she gets the chance to meet Hollywood actor Charlie Latimer, focus of thirteen years’ unrequited adoration, Kate’s horrified. He didn’t notice her when they were students together, so what chance has she now?

As Kate’s life becomes a chaotic cocktail of warring parents, randy superstars, village gossip and an unexpected greyhound, she starts to wonder if she’s looking for Prince Charming after all.

What if she’s just looking for Buttons?

Looking for Buttons is out now on Amazon. You can find out more on Lucie’s blog and follow her on Twitter (@looking4buttons).