Karly Lane

Karly was our guest back in 2011…


laka-t.jpgMy name’s Karly and I’ve been sober now for… oops, sorry, wrong group!

I actually write rural fiction for Allen & Unwin Australia. My first novel, North Starwas published in April this year and my next one, Morgan’s Law is due out April 2012. With a whole lot of luck, they’ll be available in the UK very soon.


As you may have already guessed, I’m Australian and lucky enough to be able to write the kinds of stories I love to read, thanks to a huge revival of rural fiction in Australia at the moment, however I also write romantic suspense for American publishers as Karlene Blakemore-Mowle.

I didn’t intend writing two separate genres, it just kind of happened that way. Fed up with continued rejection letters for my romantic suspense titles, I decided to do something completely different and write a story set in rural Australia – then low and behold, North Star sold! Then suddenly, so too did my romantic suspense titles I’d had submitted with various publishers in the US!

So it just goes to show, don’t give up. Keep writing the stories you love, because just maybe, when you least expect it, your dreams will come true!

I’d love you to drop by my web page or you can also find me on twitter and facebook as Karly Lane Author. I’d love to hear from you.