Glenda Barnett

Celia Ladygarden and the Curious Curiosity

My name is Glenda Barnett and I live in a small village in rural North Devon, with my husband and little dog Treacle.

I have always enjoyed writing since a small child and I am never seen without a notebook about my person. There is in day to day life lots of funny and interesting moments and I scribble them away for future use.

A lot of my writing has been comedy scripts and I have been writing pantomimes for the past 18 years, not as easy as some might think.

For the past 3 years my blog Celia Ladygarden, Trimming The Bush Of Life has been kindly received, so I decided to write a ‘Celia’ murder mystery.

Celia Ladygarden and the Curious Curiosity, was published at the end of January, my first book. Thrilling!

I have a small collection of short stories to be published in August and I am working on the next ‘Celia’ book, plus squeezing a new pantomime script in.

I am very pleased to have joined this group and looking forward to getting to know some of you.