Elaine Everest

Elaine was our guest back in 2011…


My writing day can vary according to what day of the week it is. Apart from working as a freelance writer I also tutor at The Write Place creative writing school that I formed with colleague Francesca Burgess in 2009. The school and the students play a big part in our lives as we watch them blossom into published writers and novelists. Jane has run workshops for us in the past and is a welcomed visitor at any time.

My writing can be articles for the national press or well known magazines. I write about lifestyle subjects, self building (yes, I built my own house with a little help from my husband), craft, collectables and cookery. Every writer should have a specialism and mine is dogs. I breed them, exhibit them, live with them and write about them. My features can be read both in dog magazines and general publications. I have written three books so far about dogs. Showing Your Dog a Beginner’s Guide which helps dog owners interested in taking up this fun sport, Canine Cuisine, a cookery book for dog owners and was featured on This Morning recently and the latest A New Puppy in the Family(July 2011) are all published by How To Books Ltd and can be found on Amazon as well as all good booksellers. I also write short stories for magazines worldwide and I’m currently working on a novel.


I am very excited about my latest project which is a book called Diamonds and Pearls. In 1980 I had an aggressive form of breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy and subsequent drug treatment. To celebrate the fact that I had survived 30 years I wanted to organise a book of short stories with donations from the sale of the books going to cancer charity, Against Breast Cancer. I tentatively approached fellow short story writers, many of them household names in the world of magazine fiction and was inundated with offers of stories for the book. Accent Press jumped on board offering to publish the book and in February Diamonds and Pearls hit the bookshelves.

Sales have been very good and the contributors have been busy promoting it on radio, in the press and at signings all over the country. International and UK contributors have also played their part by promoting the book through the magazines they write for.

Diamonds and Pearls can be ordered through any good bookshop or from Accent Press.