Colette McCormick

Things I Should Have Said and Done

Colette McCormick

Hello everyone and thank you to Jane and Kev for inviting me into the Guest Room.

When Things I Should Have Said and Done is published by Accent Press on 15thNovember (it’s a Tuesday) I will be at work. I will spend the day sorting through bags and preparing stock for sale, I’ll be making cups of tea for volunteers and all the other things that I do every working day in my job as a retail manager in one of the nations hundreds of charity shops. I am an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, doing ordinary things. I am an ordinary person who happens to enjoy writing.

Book cover

Its been ten years since I had my first short (Elaine in the anthology Sexy Shorts For the Beach) published and since then I’ve had short stories in magazines and books in Britain and abroad. I’ll never forget the thrill I felt when I was commissioned to write something for the first time. Kidney failure in 2013 meant I spent seven weeks in hospital which gave me a lot of time to think and I realised that if I was serious about getting my book published I’d better do something about it. It was finished in a fashion and had already been turned down by a couple of agents but as soon as I was well enough (almost a year later) I stopped messing about, rewrote large sections of it and thought about who I wanted to send it to next. In February 2015 I submitted my book to Accent Press and kept everything crossed. In September 2015 I was offered a three book deal.

Things I Should Have Said and Done is the story of Ellen who finds herself suddenly dead thanks to a drunk driver and George who has been sent to help her through the process of being dead. You’d think it would be a straight forward process, but Ellen has issues and George is new to the job.

Things I Should Have Said and Done is now available at all good book retailers.