Back in 2007 when the first Wannabe book was published, I was touched and amazed by the response to it. I received hundreds of lovely emails from readers saying it had helped and inspired them and when a small website site was set up by Accent Press to accompany the book – with a chat room facility – a group was formed of writers and would-be writers who supported each other, swapped tips and advice and organised some very long and quite alcoholic lunches to which they kindly invited me. Over ten years later, many of us are still in touch, some have been published and the Facebook group, set up at the same time, has over 1000 members.

We outgrew the first website and a second one was re-designed by Kevin Machin – one of the early Wannabe band. Kevin did a marvellous job and gathered many hundreds of writers for our mailing list. But we all got busy – you can lose your life online as we know and then how does anybody get anything written? – a lot of the site needed updating, and changes to the data-protection laws meant we had to build our mailing list again.

It seemed a good moment for a revamp so here is our ‘Wannabe’ site which we hope will be a source of information, inspiration and friendship to anyone wanting to write. The fabulous Morgen Bailey has put it all together, Kevin  is still involved and Jane Martin and Tony Tibbenham have come on board as contributors. And we will welcome any content from you, if you’d like to get in touch. The Guest Room is always open for anyone who’d like to send in a short profile and picture and details of the latest book – if there is one – and to share their top writing tip. Annie Ireson is there at the moment – she was one of the original Wannabe group and it’s lovely to see her now in print.

Please join our mailing list – we promise not to bombard you but simply send occasional newsletters to keep you informed of writing events (we may well resurrect those lunches!), competitions, opportunities or publishing info that might be useful.

In the meantime – you can call it research – here’s a perfect excuse to stop writing for a moment and have a mooch about.

Shout if there’s anything you’d like to see included on the site that isn’t here. Or leave a comment below about anything you particularly like or hate. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting!

jane xxx 🙂